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Our next show is in Lafayette, LA on September 14. It has been January since weve played in Lafayette, and this time we get to play at a new venue, called The Pearl. We are teaming up with our funky friends in Circus Genetic, the melodically fuzzy, Ismonic, and Spectra Vamp from Shreveport. We will have a special collaborator filling-in with us on drums Mister Andrew Starns.

In other happenings, we are booking additional dates for Fall/Winter 2019, and behind the scenes, we have been working on new demos, as well as some final individual tracks, for our next album. At recent shows, we have been playing a few of these new songs, and it has been wonderful to share a bit of the direction we are going. There are what seems to be a dozen songs that we are considering for the third album. We are taking our time on production, as to get things how we like it, plus assembling the team of those we will extend some guest collaborations with.

Stream our Latest album here:

It may be recently apparent to those familiar with us, that there have been new changes in Biscuithound. Our foundation has transformed to a duo, by which from here, we have chosen to extend featured collaborations with those we feel will add to the sounds we envision for this next phase. We shall discover as we grow. Wade and I find much joy in the new music, and in continuing to create together within what I have long since felt charged with, as Biscuithound. We, both, have profound gratitude for each of our brethren hounds who have previously added so much to this pack. It has thus come time for us to evolve.

We have brought Matthew Doyle in, as live bassist and inner collaborator. It has been a pleasure to work with him, and he is offering an exciting and focused energy to the team. We are looking forward to the experimental nature of how Phase III is setting out. It is challenging us to explore the potential reaches of the coming music, with dangerous curiosity.

Thank you, for listening.


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