Biscuithound  is:  

Britton Newton (guitars/vocals)

Wade Hymel (drums)

With a musical vision that began in 2008, the New Orleans experimental-rock outfit, Biscuithound, emits an evolving sound and lyrical message that is real, human, and above all, transcendental. In their often-extended compositions, the band balances an accessible use of melody and catchy riffing with healthy doses of progressive adventurism, ambient layering, and gritty contrast.

2010s Meet You at the Riverbone was akin to an atmospheric rock album with singer-songwriter roots, delivering distinctive content for a young band. It was ambitious with its instrumental segments and conceptual use of cinematic-style sound design. From this foundation, the group sought to delve into heavier live performances over the coming years.

After a period of reformation and redirection, 2018s long-awaited second album, Possible at Sea,” delivers a bigger, more mature, and haunting sound with dense layers, killer guitars, sonic experimentation, and evocative lyrics. Floating somewhere between post-grunge, spacey soundscapes, and subtle improvisations, Biscuithound offers a freshness to hard rock, with an emotional and intellectual seriousness. It is not the New Orleans sound,” but has an organic feel, much like the swampy surroundings.

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