Britton Newton

Louisiana-based Performing Musician + Producer

Guitarist | Vocalist | Songwriter | Audio Engineer | Percussionist | Seeker

As songwriter-in-chief for New Orleans experimental/progressive rock group Biscuithound, as well as meditative-explorer for the avant-garde ambient instrumental project SleepSinger, guitarist/vocalist Britton Newton adds a refreshingly genuine touch to contemporary song. He finds ways to entwine open-to-interpretation poetic imagery with undeniable conviction and integrity, in forms of immersive melody and riffing. Whether rocking out or entranced, there is a tenacious grounding the relatability of essential human perseverance and fortitude.

As a musician, Britton openheartedly creates with mission to evoke and awaken, to engage and enflame. As a human, he believes in our capability to connect and transcend perception and condition, with compassion and bravery. You might reason this as optimism; he is certainly a harmonist. This defiant experimentalist wants to bring you in close, provoke your imagination, and send you away enriched curious and transformed.

Studio recordings 

as Britton Newton:

Studio recordings 

with Biscuithound:

Equipment List:

    (1) Input for Acoustic Guitar

    (1) Vocal Mic, or channel for vocals

    - Can provide own sound reinforcement on a small-scale, including vocal mic, cables,   

       DI for acoustic, small personal amp with 2-channels for guitar and voice, stands