Experimental-Rock  from  New  Orleans,  LA




Claiming New Orleans as home, Biscuithound introduces a refreshing and genuine approach to rock music than commonly found in Louisiana. It is not the New Orleans sound,” but has an organic feel, much like the swampy surroundings.


On October 13, 2018, Biscuithound released their second album, titled Possible at Sea.” This collection of songs sees the band evolve, maturing their sound in stylings of progressive rock, something heavier and elongated, with trancelike instrumental sections connecting evocative lyrics and melodic sensibilities.


  • Performed at Tedx Ochsner, Talk on Transformation    June 12, 2018

     - https://www.ted.com/tedx/events/32774

  • Possible at Sea considered to be #2 in Progressive Rock releases of 2018.

     - Matthew Doyle (90.9 KSLU Radio Host of Perpetual Change: 

       Progressive Rock Show)


Britton Newton (guitars/vocals)

Wade Hymel (drums)


Additional Live-Member:

Matthew Doyle (bass)


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