Mister Blue Jae

lyrics by: Britton Newton

Whisper, Mister Blue Jae, dont you cry

Your old top hat is collecting what we need to keep us alive

A box for chocolates, filled with dollar bills

I think were going to make it past the gate

But, then, one falls out and the other ones follow

Were moving too fast to catch whats gone

You look back, without my knowing

But, were moving too fast

You know my name, you know my name

On our travels to Mexico

Mister Blue Jae loses touch

He dreams of Momma, he dreams of home

My mind is stuck on girls and the sun

Once we get there, well trade in our sweaters

We fish all day, and keep our cool

But, we lost all the money, in one failed plan

Got to find more kids steal, steal, steal

You know my name, you know my name

Mister Blue Jae walks away

With a broken wing and an empty top hat

Ive got my chocolate box to fill

With innocence or dollar bills

You know my name, you know my name

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