SleepSinger is an ambient exploration of textural guitar music. The  voyages are meditative and trancelike, with an improvisational nature of discovery, emphasizing space and tone, often as repetitions that evolve and bloom.

Trance / Ambient / Instrumental / Dark Jass / Avant Garde / Guitarspace

New Orleans, LA

Britton Newton: Guitar

Through the aether, one name returned, unworldly and volatile... 

Ripe for dissolution, in the saddle of transformation.

Blooming into the void, composing winds, disarming stars, mediating the night. 

Sleep and Sing and Wake and Scream — a Devil's scream, a Colossus' poise, a Soothsayer's sight, 

a peace that is yours. 

Enchant the night.

Summon the muse — Face the demons





Associated Acts / Links:

    Biscuithound  [Progressive Rock Band]

    Britton Newton  [Singer-Songwriter] 

Equipment List:

    Electric Guitar, played through 2 amps:

    (1) Guitar amp, 2x12” speaker cabinet

    (1)Bass amp, 1x15” speaker

   * Typically (pending venue size), a mic for each amp would be needed,

        or: a D.I. box could be used for bass side of signal